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With our company being an independent agency, this allows us to be able to tailor select products and services that best assist our clients, whilst being able to cater to individual needs.

Our team has a proven track record of superior customer service and honesty. You can be assured we will go the extra mile with commitment to assisting our clients with all of their property needs.

Ian and Julie Sutton have a combined history of accounting, building and development experience of over 40 years.  Jaymie has over 17 years’ experience in the real estate industry, spanning from residential and rural property management, commercial property management, client litigation representation as well as residential and semi-rural sales.

Our passion and drive is what gives us the edge over many other Real Estate Agencies. We are dedicated to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them! 

We stand proud and back ourselves with our “No Marketing Fee” packages. We strongly believe in selling for YOU, not to you. We aim to achieve the best possible result for YOU, not the quickest sale!

So, as for commitment and diversity you have come to the right agency with well over 55 years of innovative and diverse experience!

Our agencies will remain locally owned and is entrenched in expanding with strong values, we will always continue to forge ahead and prove ourselves as a market leader.

Our company is forever evolving and expanding, we look forward to branching out to further areas from the Coast to Country of beautiful Queensland.

Our Locations

‘Sutton Nationwide Realty – Gin Gin’ was established in 2015 by Ian and Julie Sutton. Gin Gin has been home to Ian & Julie since 2007.

In 2016 Ian and Julie’s daughter Jaymie Sutton joined the agency as a Consulting Property Management Specialist.

‘Sutton Nationwide Realty – Townsville’ was established in 2020 and is managed by Jaymie Sutton. The Townsville region has been home to Jaymie since 2006.

‘Sutton Nationwide Realty – Childers’ was established in 2021.

‘Sutton Nationwide Realty – Bundaberg’ was established in 2022.


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65 Mulgrave St Gin Gin, QLD 4671


Sutton Nationwide Realty

Meet Our Gin Gin Team

Ian Sutton

General Manager/ Sales Agent

Julie Sutton


Administration Officer


Sales Agent


We specialise in the following areas of Real Estate Agency practice:
Residential Sales, Rural and Commercial Sales and Property Management