Privacy Consent Policy

Sutton Nationwide Realty Privacy and Consent Policy

Information Collection, Use, and Disclosure

Throughout our engagement with Sutton Nationwide Realty, we may collect, utilize, or disclose
personal information about you for various purposes, including but not limited to:

∙Facilitating the sale of your property
∙Assisting in property purchases
∙Managing property leases (both lessor and lessee)
∙Facilitating loan acquisition
∙Managing bond payments or refunds
∙Assisting with tenancy disputes
∙Coordinating property repairs or maintenance
∙Accessing information from government agencies like the Titles Registry Office or Residential
Tenancies Authority
∙Utilizing tenancy information services or databases
∙Managing client and business relationships
∙Marketing products and services to you
∙Any additional information outlined in any Privacy Notice and Consent Forms/Annexures

The personal information we may collect, use, or disclose includes, but is not limited to:

∙Full name
∙Date of birth
∙Residential and postal addresses
∙Email addresses
∙Home, work, and mobile telephone numbers
∙Occupation, business address, and financial details
∙Spouse, de facto, dependent children, and roommate details
∙Property ownership information
∙Any additional information outlined in the Privacy Notice and Consent Form

To provide our services, we may disclose your personal information to various parties, including:

∙Prospective buyers or sellers of your property
∙Legal advisors representing parties in transactions
∙Financial institutions and advisors
∙Insurance providers and brokers
∙Utility providers and connection services
∙Contractors for property repairs or maintenance
∙Organizations involved in business system management and development
∙Real estate websites, peak bodies, and other relevant entities
∙Any additional information outlined in any Privacy Notice and Consent Forms/Annexures

We aim to collect personal information directly from you whenever reasonable or practicable.
However, in some cases, we may need to obtain information from third parties or publicly available sources.
If you choose not to consent to Sutton Nationwide Realty collecting and using your personal
information as described, we may be unable to provide requested services.
Access to and correction of personal information:
You have the right to request access to and correction of your personal information held by Sutton
Nationwide Realty. To do so, please submit a written request containing your full name, address, and
signature via mail, email, or fax.
Upon receiving your request, we will provide the information within seven working days via post or
make it available for collection. If there are discrepancies in your information, please inform us in
writing, and we will amend our records accordingly within seven working days.

Contact Us:

You can reach us via mail, telephone, or email using the following details:

Postal Address: PO Box 483, Gin Gin QLD 4671
Phone: 07) 4157 3268